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Who Else is Looking for a Quick Fix for MAN BOOBS Before Summer?

Updated: Nov 22, 2017

Suzan Bekir

General Practitioner, trainer, medical entrepreneur

Yes believe it or not, it’s not only women that see me about BOOB problems. 

Technically speaking we call it MAN BOOBS a.k.a Gynecomastia – glandular breast tissue (not just fat) sprouting an unforgiving sight on a man’s chest.  

A Deal Breaker, a Date Wrecker and a Sex Repeller.

Well that’s how Peter described it when he came to see me last week. A 34 year old sales rep who was generally well and saw me every 5 months in my General Practice for repeat prescriptions for his hair loss medications, thrown in with a few jokes about his First-Date Disasters and Tinder mishaps.

Peter wasn’t particularly overweight, he didn’t smoke, do drugs or use anabolic steroids, had lots of friends, exercised regularly in his garage-gym but always jokingly complained of being single and now NOT looking forward to summer!

While disguising his Boobs with an internet-purchased-slimming-vest and fashionable layering had worked well in winter, he had just been invited to be Best Man for a Bali Wedding in 3 months and the desperation now for a quick fix was as visible as the embarrassing outline of his strangely saggy breasts.

Examining his chest did indeed reveal glandular breast tissue. Unfortunately, to make matters worse  he had a noticeably left breast larger than the right.  Yes, sometimes gynecomastia can be one-sided.

“I am 34. My hair is falling out and I now have boobs!  Please, I need this sorted NOW!

Yes, he had Man Boobs. Lob-sided too. I felt his pain.

After further medical discussion, we recognized the probability that his gynecomastia may be triggered by a medication – his hair loss medication, Finasteride in this case. How unlucky.

While we could stop it and wait to see if it settled he clearly wanted immediate action. Complicating the picture he revealed his serious crush on the Brides-maid he was partnered with for Bali.

The imbalance of hormones of Estrogen:Testosterone is often to blame for the development of Man Boobs.  A Doctor’s job is to make sure there is no obvious reversible cause or serious cause and confirm the diagnosis for you.

BTW you can make an appointment with me here if it’s a problem you want sorted out especially before Summer and we can discuss in more detail your treatment options in a consultation.

While there are medications that can be used to block Estrogen to help shrink the breast tissue, Peter’s recent experience with a medication side effect made this the less favourable option.  

He reminded me had 3 months until Bali. Can I lipo it? Reasonable request.

I called Dr Michael Yuenaev, Sydney Breast Surgeon at Breast and Body Clinic for some friendly advice about Breast Surgery for Men.

 “For this man, he would get a good result from surgery. It’s a day procedure which can be done by liposuction alone in many cases, however occasionally excision of glandular tissue may also be required and the scar would be hidden along the nipple border. He would be back to work in a week and the swelling would reduce over the month. Happy to see him here.

For Peter, it was certainly an option. But Peter also wanted to know if there was a non-surgical one too.

Body Sculpting procedures performed by cosmetic clinics were giving great results to help men and women sculpt embarrassing body problems like double chins, tuck-shop arms and could assist with man boobs.

Coolsculpting could be tried. This was a no-knife evidence based alternative to liposuction using cryolipolysis to freeze the fat cells in the breast tissue shrinking it. Most people achieve about a  20% -30% permanent  fat reduction in a 30 minute treatment (just sitting) and it could start to take effect 3 weeks after the treatment.

“Cool!  So….”  Peter seemed more relaxed knowing he had options to get his Man boobs well and truly sorted before Summer.

“Now that’s out of the way, I’ve got another embarrassing problem…”


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