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Timeless decolletage

If you're look to turn back the time on your decolletage then here's the industry secret on how to get your decolletage event-ready in 1 week.

Firstly, I regularly tell women not to feel guilty about desiring a date-night décolletage.

Of course, décolletage should stay sexy, well after your 30’s!

No one wants 👗 date-night dresses restricted to just high-necked numbers because your décolletage complexion doesn’t match your face.

If you’re like most Sydney ladies desiring to wear sexy tops confidently into your 40’s then what’s ahead will resonate 😍 It’s time to let you in on an industry secret formula for getting décolletage event-ready in less than a month!

TBH It’s never too late for anyone to want a few years turned back in time, especially when it comes to skin!

Guilty 70’s sun-worshippers out there, then this single treatment I’m about to describe, performed by our Bella Vista Taylor Clinic Integrated Cosmetic Doctors will definitely interest you! Firstly, let me introduce myself.

👋 Hi, I’m Dr Suzie. I’m a Sydney-based General Practitioner teaching a new holistic style of skin care that integrates nutritional and environmental medicine, lasers, cosmetics with skin medicine and surgery. I call it #integratedcosmetics @taylorclinic

Personally, I think Décolletages are like hands or necks - a dead-giveaway of ageing skin. Let’s face it, your chest is just as exposed to sunshine, chemicals and air pollution as our faces yet we’re all face-fixated and forget our chest needs care! Especially if you’re determined to keep skin sexy for as long as you can, at any age.

If you’re worried cumulative years of unprotected exposures are finally catching up on you, then a skin check is essential. It’s recommended we all routinely self examine skin for changes like;

  • dark spots,

  • pink spots,

  • uneven skin tones,

  • scaliness,

  • itchiness,

  • crepy skin.

If you spot a change? Then a skin check is essential.

Trust me, It’s easy to miss a skin cancer- so don’t put off this check! Heres where I work. Appointments 📞1300 003223

Has Your Décolletage Been Caught Out By The Sun❓

We all ❤️ Sydney Summer. But hate knowing sun catches up with you in the end.

One of the saddest things about being an Aussie, is the unexpected arrival of sun damaged skin, sometimes years down the track. Especially Aussie sun.

Over half of Australians over the age of 40 have solar keratosis (SK) aka sun spots - scaly pre-cancerous spots found on sun exposed areas particularly the scalp, face, hands, forearms and décolletage.

Unsightly, yes!

Dangerous? Actually, kind of!

They carry real potential to transform into nasty cancers - squamous cell cancers (SCC's) - so these sun spots should be taken seriously!

They commonly show on décolletages as crusty itchy or blemished skin. Some of you may already be familiar with spots getting “frozen-off” with liquid nitrogen in the Doctor’s office. While this is a perfectly acceptable form of treatment, cosmetically speaking you can be left with white spots, making your complexion even more uneven.

Now for those who think their décolletage is sun damaged, don’t stress. The good news is that these days, you can definitely do something about it.

Trending now in holistic skin practice is a more proactive approach to sun damaged skin. You can find out more about the shift to field treatments which treat the entire area like décolletages preventatively rather than waiting one-by-one for sun spots. It’s sexy when science gets it right!

There’s always more than one way to treat décolletage, including;

  • IPL treatments

  • Fractionated laser

  • Picosure technology

  • Ultherapy

  • Chemical peels + Photodynamic therapies

  • Co2 or erbium Ablation

For a description of each treatment refer to my Décolletage Menu Out of all the treatments, ☝️ of the quickest ways is to simply laser excavate the damaged skin with an ablation and just start again. This is called skin resurfacing.

If you want to be event-ready in less than a month, like a wedding or Mother’s Day perhaps, then expecting results from chemical peels, fractionated laser or IPL in just one sitting is a tad unrealistic, their results take time!

However, the reality is ablative lasers for decolletages will see results after just one treatment. How exactly does skin resurfacing work When you resurface sun damaged skin with erbium or CO2 ablative lasers, you’re effectively removing damaged cells of the outermost layer of skin called the epidermis so that a new layer grows back that’s visibly younger. The magic of growing a new skin happens over a week. Protecting the skin whilst at-home healing is important until regrowth is complete.

What do they treat CO2 ablative lasers treat fine lines and wrinkles as well as;

  • skin pigmentation,

  • sun spots,

  • solar keratosis*

  • superficial BCC’s* (biopsy proven)

  • Seborrhoeic keratosis

  • Scars

*Medicare rebate eligible.

How’s it different to all the other lasers everywhere IPL or Fractionated lasers are fairly common today in most cosmetic + beauty practices. These typically use non-ablative light energy which offer less down time and can give similar results but we’re talking months of treatments, as opposed to ONE sitting with an ablation.

Ablation is a 1 day treatment + 1 week at-home healing = ✅ Done

A resurfacing treatment is usually

⚡️Doctor operated

⚡️requires local anaesthetic

⚡️antiviral and antibiotics to ensure no secondary infections

⚡️needs a week for fully recovered skin.

The even greater news is you can find these Doctor-based-laser treatments like C02 resurfacing more readily in General Practices - not just at the dermatologist or plastic surgeon. 🙌 This movement of Doctor-operated lasers hitting mainstream instead of only at plastic surgeries means everyday Aussie’s with skin damaged by sun, rosacea or acne scarring can now benefit from the industry secret. Even after obviously correcting sun damaged skin you’re secretly still stimulating collagen- delaying further ageing.

I call it creating timelessness! A timeless décolletage.

✔️Yes, I want a Timeless Décolletage.

First steps: Schedule your 1 week down-time (staying indoors, strictly no sun).

Then step right this way. For Appointments 📞 1300 00 3223.


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