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How Learning To Just Breathe Can Soothe Nerves Fast, This X'mas.

I learnt something new the other day.

Telling someone to  just take deep breaths and everything will be okay is obviously irritating when your in the midst of a Panic Attack.

“Just breathe…”


“Maybe …but you are not breathing PROPERLY. Follow my instructions, just breathe through the nose and out through the mouth. Let’s count to 5 on the exhale... “

Breathing properly and getting the basics of breathing right can make a huge difference to your health. After all, breathing fine tunes you acid:base balance AND controls your mental state. 

You can live without food for a month but without breathing – you’re dead in minutes. If someone collapses before you, worrying about low FODMAP Diets pales in comparison to the priority of getting an airway when they are blue and not breathing.

Breathing is everything.

Yet societies fixation on  what we eat and ZERO consideration on  how we breathe means blocked airways, poor air quality, increasing airborne allergies and pollution is slowly + silently asphyxiating our community.

The good news is that there are instant benefits to breathing properly. Firstly, learning to breathe properly (diaphragmatic breathing) helps us access our intuition and dive into those creative alpha and theta brainwave states. It’s a state of high performance!

Secondly, breathing properly affects our autonomic nervous system. Deep full breathes reduces fear and the sympathetic overdrive stopping the adrenals overproducing cortisol and reducing anxiety.

Breathing properly should be taught to everyone. Yes, obviously I appreciate it's irritating to be told that you need to relearn how to breathe but just take a read below of Breathing Properly Basics I teach to my patients and watch how breathing properly can change your life!

Breathing Properly Basics.

1. Breathe Through The Nose. 

So obvious yet so many people oblivious to the fact they are mouth breathing! Mouth breathing is NOT normal!

Take this Quick Test: 

  1. Do you breathe at night with your mouth open or closed? 

  2. Do you have water beside your bed or wake with dry throat? 

If you answered Yes, to any of the above you may have nasal obstruction and maybe even Sleep Disordered Breathing. Definitely make an appointment here and get it checked by GP’s trained in assessing Mouth Breathing and Snoring. 

BTW I’ve also written lots about the complications of mouth breathing here- it’s a hidden epidemic you really should know more about.

Physiologically speaking, mouth breathing is just not as affective at oxygenating and removing carbon dioxide from our bodies. Full stop. 

Our nose is not just decorative; it was designed for breathing - to warm the air, filter the air and humidify the air. Lose it’s function and watch the cascade of changes that occur when your forced to mouth breathe. Here’s 10 things that happen to children when they breathe with their mouth open.

So first change to make if you want to breathe properly is to breathe through your nose! If you can't, call 1300 344 325 for that airway check-up.

2. Lengthen The Exhale.

Stop focussing on the INHALE and start focussing on lengthening the exhale. Its truly magical to see how much easier and more revitalising the next breath is! Try it.

When you breathe through the nose and lengthen the exhale just keep going and watch your diaphragm flatten leading to diaphragmatic breathing. There are specialist breathing experts that teach this 1:1– I can refer you in an appointment with me.

PS. A tip to the #easternsuburbsmums wellness-junkies out there - alkalanising your body can also be done by optimising breathing! This guy here has taught me heaps about breathing, meditation + mindfulness.

Breathing is the underrated + cheapest tool in your self-care toolbox……worth LEARNING to do it well.

I just wish more people would appreciate the importance of breath work and learn to just breathe ....

everything will be ok.


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