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For those who want a Nose Job (but don't actually want a Nose Job) -then this one is for you!

With the rising popularity of non-surgical Rhinoplasty, you can now transform the shape of your nose in just minutes. Here’s how....

Contouring the nose is one of the fastest growing specialist non-surgical office based cosmetic procedures. Have you ever wished you could just get rid of that small bump on your nose or fix a small deformity without having to go through expensive plastic surgery?

Well, actually now you can.

Previously non-surgical Rhinoplasty was used temporarily to aid contour defects, particularly in the post-operative healing period while swelling was an issue. However, as Hyaluronic Acid fillers have became more stable and longer-acting, they are now being used as a primary modality to re-shape noses, not only in patients who have had previous surgery but by patients who have not had any primary Rhinoplasty.

Many using them long-term, avoiding Rhinoplasty altogether.

Rhinoplasty is a big deal! So having a non-surgical option available is sparking widespread interest.

With cosmetic consumerism at all-time highs, we need to change public perception that Rhinoplasty is not quick nor instant like getting an anti-wrinkle injection.

 It can’t be emphasized enough that Rhinoplasty is major surgery - changing your face permanently. Patients need to be counselled about the lengthy period of swelling (up to 18 months)  before they even see their final result. Plus there is the need for diligent taping, as well as accepting the 15% chance your like to need a revision procedure done in the future.

 I recently discussed this with Dr Tobias Pincock, ENT/Facial Plastic Surgeon at Taylor Clinic who explained that he actually spends most of his day talking people out of having Rhinoplasty. 

“With the invention of even longer, stable, safe fillers, the possibility to perform a semi-permanent non-surgical Rhinoplasty really is among us now. We have to listen to patient’s desires for quick minimal down-time Rhinoplasty, particularly when the gold standard operation is an external operation that can take up to 18 months for swelling to settle down."

 Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is performed by experienced cosmetic Doctors and takes less than an hour.  Not only is it a good solution for some patients but can be a great test run for patients who want to try a new shape of nose before going down a surgical pathway.

“Being a fraction of the cost of a surgical Rhinoplasty (even taking into account top-ups required over time) it is an option that many of our Taylor Clinic patient’s are now taking - even long term.”
Dr Pincock (ENT/Facial Plastics)

The complication rate also is extremely low and the down-time is minuscule compared to the surgical operation - basically one day of taping as opposed to weeks and weeks of taping with surgery.

“Obviously for nasal breathing and significant nasal disorders, it is not a viable alternative long term but   for many patient’s it may be. “

Dr Pincock’s particular expertise is in surgical and non-surgical Rhinoplasty, having performed the procedure for over 8 years and with additional specialization in this procedure particularly in the Asian population. 

His attention to detail and signature manoeuvres such as up-rotation to improve projection and creating a long standing stable bridge have been things that have not been able to be performed with fillers previously, but with a newer range of fillers, this is a reality for up to 4 years. For Appointments: Taylor Clinic 1300 00 3223.


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