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FLUSH ATTACK. Scared of Blushing? It could be rosacea. Here's a treatment that works!

There's a lot of self-conscious people, worried they look embarrassed when they really aren't? Here's an 8 minute treatment that works taking the heat out of your cheeks to anyone out there dreading those constant attempts to camouflage intense FACIAL FLUSHING, particularly when socialising.

If that's YOU, you're probably female and in your 30's or 40's because Rosacea is typically a girls nightmare; striking unexpectedly and commonly misdiagnosed as acne. That's not to say men can't get it too they're prone to the bumpy nose variety we call Rhinophyma - Subtype 3 below, bet you've seen that before!

Rosacea is often the reason for countless purchases of cosmetics + cover-up to conceal

  • facial redness

  • small visible blood vessels

  • pimple-like bumps on the face,

  • bumpy noses


  • ....made worse by drinking, socialising, sun and spicy foods - TYPICAL. All The Good Stuff!

By the way, If you're worried you have Rosacea call for a DOCTORS APPOINTMENT for a diagnosis and discussion of the list of typical triggers and different types of rosacea, too. If YOU ARE the frustrated flusher- sufferer looking for natural alternatives outside of prescription creams or antibiotics - then keep reading, you'll want to know about this treatment that actually works!

Nowadays persistent redness and flushing is treated with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which used specific wavelengths of light to gradually and naturally alleviate the inflammation, redness, pimples and uneven skin tones caused by ROSACEA.

Sure, it isn’t a cure.

BUT even one or two IPL treatments on face and neck can make a difference to redness, visibly lighter.

Take a look here..

Rosacea's pays a high price on confidence & self-esteem - it's THE deal-breaker, second-taking date-wrecking face THEY want fixed now, please.

.....let's face it, no one wants Rosacea.

It's ugly.

Plus imagine NOT knowing exactly WHEN you're next going to blush?!

Welcome Anxiety. Welcome Rosacea. Meet my unexpected RED FACE ...invited from nowhere. A BRIGHT-RED H-E-L-L-O (when you're not even nervous) with it's very heated presence triggering neck flushing,triggering more blushing,triggering the beginnings of Total Social Anxiety

You'd sweat too, right!

Sadly, no one talks solutions for FLUSHING ROSACEA 😳 despite increasing numbers of sufferers.

Expect vague-ish answers about what's causing it, too. (Preservatives? Diet? ? Dermodex mite? ??)

Sadly, no one really knows.

Although THE GOOD NEWS is DOCTORS CAN TREAT THE SYMPTOMS of ROSACEA usually with a combined approach of;

  • Medical treatments

  • Elimination Diets

  • Gut care

  • Emotional Wellness

  • IPL and lasers

  • Dry Eye IPL Lymphatic massage

  • Rosacea-specific skin care

So to those reading who want to take some action this year to end self consciousness then call 1300 003223 and MAKE AN APPOINTMENT with Doctors who can talk you through how to prevent flushing disasters. Yay! Ps. Medicare rebates for Rosacea IPL is available for eligible patients.


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