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Beauty Lessons

I was recently asked to provide some Beauty Lessons for a women's magazines. Here's my beauty lessons I shared...

Please provide two top tips on your 'Best beauty lesson'

Tip 1. Your Best To Invest In Skin, At Any Age.

For a valuable return, there is nothing better than prevention when it comes to treating ageing skin! I tell everyone to start making skin as routine as your routine cosmetic injectables.

For over-30’s, the reality is it pays to start thinking about ways you can de-accelerate the inevitability of ageing by investing in holistic skin treatments at every cosmetic consultation.

While it’s normal to be tempted to over-spend your cosmetic budget purely on injectables for lips, cheeks or tear-troughs, consider the added benefits of adding in a skin treatment like chemical peels or pico-facials.  This type of routine lunch-time-physician-based skin treatments remove the effects of pollution and sun exposure and also saving your skin in the long term by building elastin and collagen - the building blocks for timeless skin. 

Tip 2. Don’t Over Rely On Injectables.

I always encourage ladies to see common problem areas like sunken-eyes, jowling or lip wrinkles as needing more than anti-wrinkle injections or fillers alone.  More subtle approaches involve diversifying treatments to include multi- modalities like ultrasonic or radiofrequency skin tightening or ablative resurfacing lasers. It’s the best way to avoid the over-filled-plumped-up look.

What is the best beauty advice you have ever been given?

My most valuable philosophy that less is more when it comes to skin originated from my mother’s advice about make-up!

If you want to start treating skin holistically then first you need to learn to keep skin-care simple.  That means simple skin-care regimes like routine pico-facials or chemical peels coupled with simple ingredients in your skin-care. Ingredients you know are actually good for you!

After integrating nutritional and environmental medicine into skin with laser and general practice, the less is more approach became more obvious.  You realise your skin is your largest organ of your body and similar to your gut, prefers absorbing nutrition not toxicities! 

A  skin minimalism approach means using the light energy of lasers coupled with simple oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, rose-hip or avocado oil only to nourish and protect skin - instead of costly + complicated skin-care regimens with more than 3 ingredients with complicated names!

Less is more means less toxic chemical ingredients and less "skin sins" like sugar, alcohol, smoking, sun, pollution and of course stress. But feel free to give skin more simply wholesome nutritious foods. Foods naturally bursting with zinc, B6 and good fats from fruit + veg.


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