As a GP, my core purpose is to help you get well sooner and avoid sickness. My mission is to make that happen efficiently and effectively.

As a GP and life specialist, I'm trained to help you with any and every type of problem life throws you including inconvenient small emergencies.

In an age of online disinformation it can be hard to get the right answers to life's health problems. My job is to give you expert advice and connect you with all the right treatments and best local experts to help you get well sooner. 


I completed medical school at UNSW with class 1 honours in 2004 and completed my college training with the RACGP in 2009. I have worked in numerous general practices throughout the Eastern Suburbs.

Over the years my practice has integrated my dedication to extra studies in special skills areas.


I've completed the Primary course in ACNEM training and attained certifications in intravenous vitamin administration, bioidentical hormone replacement, video nasendoscopy and GP Allergy/ENT Practical skills. 

I am trained in cosmetic injectables having spend time training and working in cosmetics, tattoo and laser medicine from 2015-2019 at Taylor Clinic and Dr Ink Tattoo Removal. I continue to perform Mona Lisa Touch Laser treatments for vagainl rejuvenation and facial laws CO2 resurfacing at Bella Vista by private appointments.


In addition to my General Practice and minor surgical emergencies

  • Sexual Health and counselling, contraceptive advice, women’s health checks and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

  • Laser Treatments including C02 resurfacing laser, Mona Lisa Touch Vagina Laser

  • Intravenous vitamin therapy including Ferinject iron infusions , vitamin C and B infusions, Myers cocktails 

  • Environmental Health Assessments including allergy assessments

  • Management of Allergic Airway Disease such as allergic rhinitis and asthma.

  • Management of Sleep Disordered Breathing especially Mouth Breathing in Children Syndrome

  • Metabolic Medicine and Weight loss counselling; medical supervision of Very Low Calorie Diets

  • Integrative Skin health and anti-ageing medicine

  • Comprehensive 4 year Healthy Kids Check

  • Antenatal shred care with Royal Hospital Women, Randwick


I can currently be found available online for Telehealth consultations or face to face at Bondi Junction or Bella Vista.

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